The brand name of D’MasKing stems from the three key words: Durian, Malaysia and King. Durian and Malaysia denotes the origin of durian, while King comes from durian being the King of Fruits.

DSR Daily Fresh is the partnership between two power houses in their respective fields.  leveraging on the core expertise of DSR and Daily Fresh to provide the full suite of services from upstream durian orchard management to midstream sale of durian paste, as well as downstream manufacturing and distribution of durian products.

All products produced by Daily Fresh are Halal certified by JAKIM and it is also an ISO 22000:2005, GMP and HACCP certified company with strict monitoring procedures on various aspects of food quality and safety standards, ensuring to deliver superior quality products to consumers. 

In April 2021, we launched our first D’MasKing flagship store in Bentong, Pahang, which features retail, kitchen and dine-in spaces. 

The launch of D’MasKing fulfils our goal of becoming the first integrated orchard-to-market durian player in Malaysia

We aim to bring a consistent all year supply of downstream durian products to the ‘rakyat’ and expand our market by increasing the number of stores to major cities nationwide.