Our Humble Growth

The DSR Group was first established as a Durian orchard before growing into multiple durian integrated businesses. Since their incorporation in 2017, they have increased the size of their orchard to 50 acres consisting of 2000 durian trees.

It boasts several fruits and vegetables to utilise the land fully whilst ensuring that the orchard has a balanced eco system. DSR has since expanded into hospitality, retail and F&B businesses respectively. Using the orchard as the backbone to their expansion plans, DSR Group today is looking to even help share their experience and skill with other interested parties looking to start their own durian orchards across Malaysia.

Space To Grow

DSR orchard Raub covers over 50 acres of orchard land. About 2000 Musang King Durian trees have been planted and are expected to be fully grown in 3 to 4 years. Raub Musang King durians are renowned as some of the best in the region and are found 300 meters above sea level. They are popularly known as highland durians which gives DSR durians its unique quality and taste.

Certified Growth Experts

The Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice (MyGap) is a certification program to recognise and promote professionally run, high-quality orchards for safe consumption. This certificate opens the door towards DSR orchard products being distributed locally and exported globally. DSR’s orchard is certified by MyGap and has since ensured the standards and best practices of the safest, industry compliant and highest quality of durians.

Growth Masters

DSR employs a team of agriculture experts or Agro Masters to handle various groups of experienced workers. A vast orchard such as DSR’s required a system to fully manage and ensure the health and growth of the durian trees as well as other produce.

Under the supervision of these Agro Masters, the experienced workers would tend to the various needs of the durian trees, which include, water, space, nutrients, sunlight, harvesting nets and various other details. Without the care and expertise of the Agro Masters and their teams, it would be challenging to successfully grow a large scale of eco-friendly durian orchard successfully.

Our Growing Businesses

DSR is proud to be able to offer export-grade Raub Musang King durian in a variety of forms. This include:

Fresh Durians
(In-Season, Picked Daily)​

Straight from the orchard to the customers, we offer a booking service that allows you to get the best export-grade Raub Musang King durians picked daily and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Durian Paste

DSR produces its own Raub Musang King durian paste which can be used household or commercially to create other forms of durian based products.

Durian Fruits

To ensure an all-year supply, we’ve invested the necessary infrastructure and facilities to cater to the growing demand. Some of our durian fruits are flash-frozen and sealed to ensure a healthy stockpile of quality produce. This is also to better control the quality of our products and to ensure that our customers get the best from our orchards straight to their hands.

Grow Your Own Durians Today

DSR offers professional help in starting, managing and harvesting your own durian orchard. Should you only need our expertise, we offer a consultancy service that is highly affordable and profitable to your orchard.

So look no further, you’ll grow far with DSR.